CDC's messaging problem highlights pandemic's uncertain future

Recent missteps have muddied public health messaging at what some experts say is precarious moment in the course of the pandemic.

NBC News

Denise Chow
Image via: Susan Walsh / Pool via Reuters file

At a particularly crucial juncture in the pandemic, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has a messaging problem.

The CDC and its director, Dr. Rochelle Walensky, have been the subjects of growing criticism over statements and guidance that have been revised or walked back.

The U.S. faces something of a conundrum. Millions of Americans are getting vaccinated every day, and state and local governments are relaxing restrictions. Meanwhile, as case numbers rise in parts of the country, public health experts worry about the possibility of a fourth surge.

There are no easy answers.

Publish : 2021-04-07 12:22:00

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