DPRK will not participate in Tokyo Olympics midst Coronavirus concerns


Pyongyang , NK/ Seoul, SK
Ri Ho Jun, First olympic Gold Medalist for DPRK | Photo: Sports in DPRK (sdprk)

North Korea has said on Tuesday that the country will not be participating in the Tokyo Olympics 2021.

Pyongyang's decision to not participate in the global event was made on March 25 after a General Meeting of the National Olympic Committee on March 25.

"In the meeting, the DPRK Olympic Committee discussed the suggestions of its members and decided not to participate in the 32nd Olympic Games to protect players from the world public health crisis caused by COVID-19," the official website for the North Korean Sports (sdprk.org.kp) reported. 

South's News media say that the decision of  North Korea has shattered to revive the peace talks in the Olympics.

"South Korea has hoped to use the sports event as a major chance to engage with Pyongyang amid stalled cross-border dialogue as was the case with the North sending athletes to the 2018 PyeongChang Winter Olympics," The Korean Herald writes.

Publish : 2021-04-06 10:10:00

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