[Photos] Myanmar Monks make bunkers to keep them safe from Military's airstrikes

Photo: CJ

More than 550 people have died in Myanmar following the Military coup in the country.

Myanmar Military has been barbaric on its citizens, shooting protesters on the streets and even some on the house who are not even protesting. The army has brutally shot and killed senior citizens, youths, children, and even newborns.

Many civilians are forced to flee the country because of the military's terror. Some are forced to hide in the forest. 

Buddhist monks have started digging mountains to build bunkers so that they can save their lives by hiding there in critical condition.

They have started digging bunkers for their own protection after the army started airstrikes.

These monks have begun digging and building bunkers for their safety in the Chin Mang district, bordering Thailand and Myanmar. 

In the photos, we can see some of these monks look very small and underage.

 Monks in Myanmar played an important role to overthrow the previous military regime in Myanmar.

The movement by the monks, which is known as the Saffron Revolution of 2007 played an important role in the promulgation of the 2008 constitution and elections in 2009. 

Photos: CJ


Publish : 2021-04-05 10:57:00

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