Myanmar Military Coup: Death tolls reach 556 after 6 more killed on Saturday

Photo: Irrawaddy

The death tolls in the crackdowns by the regime forces have reached at least 556 in the protests following the military coup on February 1.

At least six more people were killed on Saturday. People took streets across the country despite the crackdowns and brutal response by the regime forces.

The military regime, however, seems firm regardless of how many more they will be killing. Three people were shot dead in the country's Monywa City. Police fired live ammunition into the crowd to disperse the crowd and kill the protesters.

The Irrawaddy reported two other anti-regime protesters were killed at Thaton town in Mon State. Residents said at least 20 people were arrested from the protests in the region. 

A bystander is in critical condition after being shot by the regime soldiers in Bago, a city near the economic capital Yangon.

The Irrawaddy also reported a dead body of an unknown woman found on Yango's Mayangone Township, Saturday morning.




Publish : 2021-04-04 10:44:00

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