Days after freeing the Ship, Suez Canal authorities declare the end of backlogs

Photo: Suez Canal Authority | SCA

Suez Canal authorities finally declared the end of backlogs caused by the Ever Given ship, which blocked the canal for days.

The Suez Canal Authority said on Friday that the last 61 ships out of the 421 ships, which had been stuck when the vessel was blocked by Ever Given, passed through the vital trade artery on Saturday. 

A total of 85 ships were passed through on Friday. Out of those, 24 ships arrived after Ever Given had been dislodged.

The international supply chain got disarrayed when the Ever Given ship blocked the canal passing, taking almost a week to reopen.

SCA chairman Osma Rabie told that the authority has begun probing into what caused the Ever Given ship to block the passage for six days. He said, “The investigation is going well and will take two more days, then we will announce the results.” 


Publish : 2021-04-04 00:22:00

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