Spring Break Curfew extended into April after Beach Commissioners voted unanimously

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Miami Beach commissioners unanimously voted on Sunday to extend the curfew in the South Beach district, until at least the 12th of April.

SWAT teams and law enforcement officers from at least four other agencies sought to contain the raucous crowds, but confrontations continued for days before Miami Beach officials enacted the curfew, which forces Ocean Drive restaurants to stop outdoor seating entirely.

According to the city manager Raul Aguila, most of the people were coming into the beach to enjoy the lawlessness and didn't care anything which made the place prone to a virus wave.

Miami is one of the fully opened states as the Pandemic has shut down the rest of the country.

Miami Beach Police has arrested more than 1,000 people and seized about 80 guns, this season. 

Police chief Richard Clements said the trouble intensified on Monday when an unusually large crowd blocked Ocean Drive “and basically had an impromptu street party.”

He said partying was out of control, last Friday night. Fights intensified and the chairs had been used as weapons and a restaurant was turned upside down. 

Gunshots were fired, and a young woman was hospitalized with a badly cut leg, police said.


Publish : 2021-04-01 01:22:00

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