Myanmar Military Coup

Myanmar: Death toll climb to 231 as Junta Security Forces continue shooting civilians


Yangon, Myanmar
Youth protesters staged an anti-coup protest in Thaketa Township on March 19. | Photo: The Irrawaddy

At least 11 people died on Friday in Myanmar, protesting against the Military Coup. People have been killed in the Shan state, Yangon and Mandalay.

With 11 more deaths on Friday, the death toll has now climbed to 231, according to Irrawaddy.

The number can go high as several protestors have been severely injured in the crackdown by the Junta commanded security forces.

The anti-coup protesters seem undeterred as they continue to protest across the country, despite barbaric efforts of the Military to terrorize protesters.

Previously Reported: 

Burmese people, who are protesting against the military regime and for the reinstatement of democracy, have been met with sheer brutality by the Military Junta.

The tactics used by the Military controlled security forces have been increasingly violent.

The total death toll has crossed 220 since the Military coup on February 1.

Reuters reported seven-person died on the spot when the military shot protesters in the central town of Aungban. One other protester who had been severely injured died in the hospital.

Publish : 2021-03-20 12:27:00

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