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Thabang: Where Red isn't just the color of blood

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Thabang, situated in a rural district of Rolpa in an underdeveloped South Asian nation Nepal - that undergoes frequent political ups and downs, is a place that gave rise to Nepal's most notable Communist revolution. The shadowed village is the motherland of the Maoist revolution that lasted for a decade - completely transforming the ruling architecture of Nepal. Untalked and unheard of - the village of Thabang's voting results are zero. 

Out of the uncountable specialties of Thabang, the one which cannot be ignored is that no motor vehicles are allowed inside the village despite having decent motorways.

"We believe the prohibition of motor vehicles in our village will keep the place lively as ever!", says Tirtha Narayan Nijaar aka "Comrade Ree", a local resident of Thabang.

Stone pavements in every corner of the village display the incredible engineering skills of the residents of the place.

Comrade Ree clarified that motor vehicles are likely to disrupt the beautiful pavements and hence they are prohibited.

In addition, another specialty of the place is the names of its residents. Thabang, full of Magar tribes following Communist ideologies
has named each other with "comrade" followed by a certain title. Almost nobody in the village is identified with their real names unless we
look at their national identities.

Thabang has about 1100 households built of stone and wood. Another local resident Raj Kumar Roka aka "Comrade Hang" sighs
the introduction of modernisation is eventually degrading the place's authentic orthodox glory.

The residents of Thabang mainly depend upon agriculture for their living.


Translated by Suhan Shrestha for BL Media. 



Publish : 2021-03-19 08:51:00

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