Philippines to ban travel for foreigners after a surge in COVID cases


Philippines has canceled permits given for foreigners to travel in the country after COVID cases surged in the country.

The Philippines government decided to cancel travel permits for foreign travels on Tuesday night.

According to a release from the government, foreigners won't be allowed to enter the country and the ones who are already in will not get a permit to leave the country.

The ban will be in place from the 20th of March to the next 30 days.

The government has created a task force to look over the restriction. The duty of the task force will be to monitor the travel ban and allow a maximum of 1,500 foreign nationals to fly to the Philippines daily as per the need.

The travel ban will not apply to government employees, diplomats, Filipinos who have gone abroad for foreign employment, and so on. 

In the Philippines, there have been many cases of Covid 19 infection recently. The travel ban has been imposed as the infection is more prevalent among the citizens coming from abroad.

On Tuesday alone, 5,400 people were found infected here. Officials say that the infection of mutant variants has been increasing.

Publish : 2021-03-17 21:21:00

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