Twitter Founder Dorsey's first tweet to be auctioned

Photo: Getty Images | Drew Angerer

Jack Dorsey, the founder of the world-famous social network Twitter, has put his first tweetup for sale.

His first tweet was offered for acceptance at an auction on Saturday for $2.5 million.

The tweet that Dorsey is trying to sell will be sold as a virtual item through blockchain technology. 

On March 21, 2006, Dorsey announced 'Just Set Up My Twitter'.

Last Friday, Dorsey posted a link to the online marketplace 'Valuables at Cent' for tweets.

From here, investors or collectors can buy and sell their tweets. On Saturday, there was a competition between two people to buy Dorsey's tweets.

Justin Sun, the founder of the blockchain platform Tron, has expressed interest in buying Dorsey's tweets for $2 million. But Bridge Oracle chief executive Sina Estavi announced she would buy the same tweet for USD 2.5 million.

Everyone will be able to see Dorsey's tweet online until Dorsey and Twitter remove it from online. 

Nowadays, important momentary events can be secured and sold through non-fungal tokens (NFT).

Last month, a top-shot video of American basketball player LeBron James managed to earn USD 280,000.

Publish : 2021-03-08 00:07:00

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