As ASEAN ministers gather to talk with Myanmar military to stop the violence; Police continues to use stun grenades to disrupt the crowd

Photograph: Lynn Bo Bo/EPA

As the neighboring foreign minister hold talks with the Myanmar Military in an effort to quell the use of lethal violence, the Myanmar police continue their violent ways to disperse the protesters in the city of Yangon.

The foreign misters hold talks on Tuesday, two days after the bloodiest day of unrest since the military coup on February 1.

Protesters gathered on Tuesday behind the barricades in different parts of Yangon to protest against the Military Coup.

The protesters say they are afraid and anxious about what will happen in Myanmar. Protesters have vowed to not get disrupted by police violence.

Police have been firing stun grenades and rubber bullets at the crowd to disperse it. It has also occasionally fired live rounds of bullets which have killed at least a dozen of people.

People have been protesting all over the country including the streets of Yangon, the country’s economic capital.

People of all races, ethnicity, creeds, orientations have shown unity to fight against tyranny forgetting the internal differences.

Publish : 2021-03-02 16:54:00

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