Nigerian Church rejects homosexuality


The Church of Nigeria on Sunday declare its rejection of homosexuality, vowing to defend the gospel of Jesus Christ.

"The Church of Nigeria affirms its total rejection of homosexuality and will surely stand to defend the truth of the gospel based on the injunctions and ethical principles of the Holy Bible," Ndukuba said. 

The statement is entitled, "Church of Nigeria's Position on the Recent Developments in Anglican Church in North America.   

"A gay is gay; he cannot be rightly described otherwise. We cannot describe people as Christian murderers or Christian adulterers; neither should we have gay Christians or gay Anglicans.

"Without holiness, no man shall see God," the cleric said. He advised ACNA to take a clear stand on homosexuality and same-sex relations of all types.


Publish : 2021-03-01 11:56:00

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