Myanmar Ambassador to UN denounces military coup and defies Junta; Earns a Global praise

Photo: Reuters | United Nations TV

Myanmar’s Ambassador to UN, Kyaw Moe Tun earns a global praise after he denounced the military Junta leadership.

He said he was speaking for the democratically elected parliamentarians of the country.

Denouncing the coup, he appealed for the member states of the UN to condemn the military takeover.

He said that strong support for the people in Myanmar is imperative. He asked for the member nations to use all the tools in their boxes to stop the military coup.

Many speculated the ambassador to clarify the situation in Myanmar. But when he disavowed the military junta, most of them were left in shock.

Ambassadors across the world described Tun’s action as brave, bold, strong and powerful.

Moe Tun closed his speech giving three fingers salute adopted by the protesters in Myanmar.

He said he will join those to fight for the democracy in Myanmar.

Also the UN envoy to Myanmar Ms. Scharner Burgener strongly condemned the military;s action and urged the Ambassadors to send a clear and collective signal supporting the democracy.

She labeled Myanmar’s military action as a constitutional coup, regardless of what the military claim.

She also up held that the international committee , in no way, should lend the legitimacy or recognition to the military regime.

Protests against the Military take over continue to grow across the South Asian Country.

Thousands of protesters gathered across the streets of Myanmar on Saturday, who were disrupted by the rubber bullets on Saturday.

Publish : 2021-02-27 19:36:00

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