Facebook brings back news in Australia after government addressed its "core concerns"

Facebook's managing director down-under, William Easton, said that the company is satisfied with the Australian government agreeing to make several changes, addressing core concerns.

Easton also said that the News content will be returning to the platform in the coming days.

Facebook and Google have been at loggerheads with the Australian government about an upcoming law that will make them pay publishers for shared content in their platforms.

Last week, Facebook blocked sharing of news from its platform in Australia or the users in Australia.

The amendments outlined a release from the Australian government giving tech companies and publishers two months to agree with one another.

The extension in the time period gives it more time for Facebook to strike a deal similar to what google dis.

The big techs are particularly concerned about the law forcing them into arbitration with the news company if they can not reach the deal.

They say that the arbitration underlooks the fact that the value provided by their services to the publishers, such as web traffic that can be monetized with ads.

Publish : 2021-02-23 16:23:00

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