SCOTUS paves the way to hand over Trump Tax records to NY Prosecutor

Photo: REUTERS/Jonathan Ernst

The Supreme Court of The United States on Monday allowed the release of Former President Donald Trump's tax records to NY Prosecutor.

The supreme court has opened the way for a New York Prosecutor to obtain the former president's tax returns. The documents will be subjected to grand jury secrecy rules that restrict its public release, CNN reported.

Trump's lawyers' request was rejected by the Court without comment.

The documents can now be handed over to a democrat prosecutor, Manhattan Attorney Cyrus Vance, who has been fighting for over a year to obtain eight years of Trump's tax returns as part of an investigation to Trump's finances.

The ruling on Monday concerns the subpoena that Vence had issued to the former president's accountants in August 2019 ordering them to furnish documents from 20111.

AFP quoted Vence saying, "The work continues." in a statement after the ruling.

The probe was initially focused on payments made before the presidential election who claimed they had affairs with Trump including porn star Stormy Daniels.

But the investigation is also examining possible allegations of tax evasion, and insurance and bank frauds.

Trump responded to the investigation by saying, "continuation of the greatest political witch hunt in the history of the country."

Publish : 2021-02-23 14:36:00

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