Google lifts ban put on political ad after the Capitol Siege


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It has been reported that Google will resume accepting the political ads starting Wednesday. Google had banned political ads after the riot at the US capitol in January.

A Google spokesperson said that the company will be extremely careful in its ad policies. He said that the policies will strictly be prohibiting false information.

The ban that was put in place after the riot at the US capitol blocked advertisers from ads that referenced candidates, election, its outcome, presidential inauguration, impeachment, violence at the capitol, or planned protests relating to these.

The Hill reported that the political advertisers will have to use Google's self-service appeal tool to have their existing ads re-reviewed and listed.

Two of the major tech giants, Google and Facebook banned political ads on their platform following the Capitol Hill riot.

Facebook still has the ban in place and there seems no significant sign of those bans being removed any time soon.

Google and Facebook are the two biggest platforms for political ads.

Publish : 2021-02-23 00:25:00

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