Russian court denies the appeal of Alexei Navalny against his jail term

Mr. Navalny, gesturing inside a glass cage prior to Saturday’s hearing at the Babushkinsky district court in Moscow, called the charges ‘absurd’ (EPA)

A Moscow court has made a ruling to jail Alexei Navalny, turning down an appeal against his two-year and eight-month sentence.

Mr. Navalny was convicted earlier this month for supposedly hiding from parole hearings, including during the time he was recovering from nerve agent poisoning in Germany.

On Wednesday, the Strasbourg court argued Kremlin to release its most prominent foe, as his life was under threat while in jail.

In his final statement, Mr. Navalny said that the charges laid against him were “absurd.” He had behaved like an “ideal” citizen despite being the subject of an attempted assassination attempt. He informed the prison inspectorate of his whereabouts “at every moment”.

“I don’t want to brag but the whole world knew where I was,” he said.
"Once I'd recovered, I bought a plane ticket and came home."

The judge rejected the argument but did abbreviate his sentence by six weeks, ruling that the month-and-a-half that Navalny spent under house arrest in 2015 can count toward his prison term.

Navalny arrest has rose protest all over the country where demonstrators demand his release.

Publish : 2021-02-20 23:10:00

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