Afghanistan: Three separate explosion kill 5 and wound 2.

Photo: Reuters

Afghanistan has seen three more explosions, killing at least five people in the Afghan capital Kabul on Saturday.

The first two of the three explosions took place 15 minutes apart while the third occurred a couple of hours later.

In recent months, the Afghan capital has seen several attacks, the majority of them being sticky bombs, explosive devices with magnets that are attached to vehicles, and detonated by remote control or timer.

No one has yet claimed the responsibility and it is not yet clear who is causing the blasts.

The second explosion in north-western Kabul killed three people including two soldiers and a civil passer-by. The other two died in the third explosion in western Kabul that targeted the police car. Both of the dead were police officers.

Police have said the investigation is underway.

While most of the attacks have gone unclaimed, the government has been putting the blame on the Taliban. Taliban has denied responsibility for most of the attacks.

A local ISIS affiliate known as ISIL has claimed responsibility for some of the attacks,

Publish : 2021-02-20 16:54:00

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