Australian Open: Fans to be banned amidst Coronavirus Lockdown


As the state of Victoria prepares for a five-day lockdown in the response to the new COVID-19 cases, the tennis fans will not be able to attend the Australian Open.

Previously, life had returned to normalcy in the state of Victoria. However, following the outbreak at a Holiday Inn near Melbourne airport, the cluster of cases started to grow.

As of Friday morning, there were 19 active cases in the state.

The new lockdown will only allow the Victorians to leave home for essential shopping, work, exercise, and caregiving.

 Since the Tennis players are classified as workers, the matches will continue along with the minimum number of staff.

However, fans can not be attending to enjoy the game from the stadium.

The Australian Open had hoped to welcome about 400,000 fans. With the Tennis players excited to play in front of the fans, now Tennis Australia has faced a backlash. 

The tournament will continue without any spectators as the US Open in September.

Publish : 2021-02-12 20:42:00

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