Cricket: The Domination of Big Three re-surges as Cricket Australia cancelled their tour to South Africa

Photo: ICC

Money is an important factor that drives every sport. The World body which overlooks the sport over the world also needs revenue to conduct its activities. Cricket is no different but due to over-reliance on some particular nations has centralized the decision-making power over the few nations that control most of the revenue.

India, England, and Australia, popularly known as The Big-3, are the top revenue makers for the International Cricket Council. Their heavy control in the revenue also affects the decision making to a large extent.

Although the control is often vividly visible, once in a while few incidents bring the control these nations have in the limelight which often fades away without changing much.

This is one of those times when the control of the Big-3 in the game has sparked another debate, after the Australian team canceled its scheduled tour to South Africa, reasoning the Pandemic. 

Many Cricketers have been vocal about the control of the BIG-Three recently. 

Ex-Cricketers like Kevin Petersen, Michael Vaughan, etc have spoken about the incident recently. 

Michale Vaughan tweeted, "The Aussies pulling out of the tour of SA is a huge worry for the game ... Would they have pulled out of a tour to India is the question ?"

Former English Captain Vaughan also highlighted it is the duty of the Big 3 to help other nations with financial clout instead of adding financial burdens. He wrote, "It’s so important in these times that the big 3 do everything they can to help out those without the financial clout ."

Cricket South Africa had made costly arrangements to welcome Australia on their home soil. Already battling with the financial crisis, it is more difficult for the smaller teams to prepare for these tours, which might be their source of revenue. 

Cricket South Africa expressed disappointments over Cricket Australia's decision. CSA immediately rejected the Australian Proposal for the postponement of the series.

Fans even recalled the previous Australian Tour to South Africa in  2018 when Cameron Bancroft used sandpaper to change the condition of the ball which resulted in massive outbursts among the fans against the Australian act.

Veteran South African Pacer Dale Steyn called Australia canceling the tour, "a shame," He said, "it’s a pandemic and Covid isn’t just here in SA, yet we have teams touring all over the world and joining secure bubbles to ensure players' health and safety. If this is your argument, then Australia shouldn’t leave Aussie soil until the world is vaccinated."

Former England Cricketer Kevin Petersen also slammed CA's decision to cancel South Africa Tour. He also criticized England for being hypocritical for canceling the series when players tested positive in South Africa but running on with it when it happened in their own country.

WestIndian former Cricketer and commentator wrote he feels for South African Cricket.

The cancelation of the tour, however, has almost knocked the Kangaroos out of the Final.

Publish : 2021-02-04 14:00:00

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