WhatsApp chats can now be imported to Telegram

With the new update in Privacy and Policy of the Messaging app Whatsapp, "the end to end encrypted" messaging service has seen a rapid outflow of users seeking an alternative.

Although the CEO of Facebook Inc., which owns Whatsapp,  continues to claim WhatsApp's new change in the privacy policy won't be a big of a deal since WhatsApp used to share its metadata with Facebook, the users are extremely disappointed over the new policy.

The users have been migrating towards alternative apps such as Signal and Telegram. 

Considering this, Telegram has made the migration from WhatsApp to its Messenger for the people who do not want to use WhatsApp any more.

In the latest version of Telegram, there is an option called 'imports chats from WhatsApp', which will allow users to import their WhatsApp chats to Telegram.

This means if you and your contact are switching from WhatsApp to Telegram you will be able to restore your chat history.

However, there are no shortcuts, considering you have to import individual chats and group chats one by one with mutual consent.

Currently, the import chats feature is only available in ios. It is soon expected to be available for android users too.

You need to have Telegram's latest version (v7.4) to use the feature.

Publish : 2021-01-28 20:45:00

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