Twitter suspends Anti-Fascist accounts with more than 71K followers

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Several popular accounts of the AntiFascists, commonly known as Antifa, have been suspended by Twitter.

At least four accounts: @JewishWorker, @RevAbolition, @RevAbolitionNYC, and @TheBaseBK  have been suspended from one of the tech giant's platform.

AntiFa is an unorganized group of people who oppose authority and fascism. The group mainly comprised of Far-left Anarchists, Anarcho-syndicalists, and the Anarcho-Communists often conduct protests around the country demanding class equality, racial justice, and alternative of capitalist neo-liberal system.

Twitter also suspended thousands of Trump supporters and associated accounts of Far-Right groups. 

AntiFa had several rallies with slogans saying, "We don't want Biden, we want Revenge," which is suspected cause of the suspension but there has been no official statement from the corp to self.

Critics fear the power that social media and big-tech corporations hold which can be severely disastrous for democracy and its inclusivity.

Publish : 2021-01-22 19:59:00

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