Alibaba CEO Jack Ma made an public appearance after 3 months

Photo Creator: Marlene Awaad | Credit: Bloomberg

Alibaba CEO, Jack Ma has finally made a public appearance after three months. 

Chinese media quoted Tianmu News from Zhejiang Province as saying that Ma appeared in public for the first time since October 24 last year.

According to them, Ma addressed 100 teachers from rural areas in a program.

Ma was suspected to have gone missing due to his months lasting disappearance. He did not even make any tweets in his break.

Ma did not attend a Talent Show 'Africa Business Heroes' held a few weeks ago. He was said to be a Judge in the Show.

After a "controversial" statement made in Shanghai on October 24, Ma's Ant group is 'said' to be under surveillance of the Chinese Authorities.

Last December, Chinese authorities investigated the monopoly of Ant Group and instructed the company to restructure.

Publish : 2021-01-20 12:04:00

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