Study suggests dreadful effects of COVID, 1 in 8 'recovered patient' dies within 5 months, one-third readmitted within weeks

BL Media | English Desk
BL Media | English Desk

A new study by Leicester University and the Office for National Statistics (ONS) has revealed almost  a third of 'recovered patients' are likely to be readmitted and one among eight dies due to Covid-related complications. In the first wave, out of 47,780 individuals released from the hospital, 29.4% returned to the hospital within 140 days and 12.3% died.

The dreadful long-term effects of COVID-19 include various health complications, causing the survivors to develop chronic liver and kidney malfunctioning, heart problems and diabetes.

Study author Professor Kamlesh Khunti told Telegraph that it was the largest study of people discharged from hospitals after contracting Coronavirus and he further added: 'People seem to be going home, getting long-term effects, coming back in and dying. We see nearly 30 per cent have been readmitted, and that's a lot of people. The numbers are so large.'

The shocking data are based on initial studies which are yet to be peer-reviewed.

Publish : 2021-01-18 13:41:00

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