Twitter suspends GOP congresswomen Marjorie Taylor Green

Photo: Dustin Chambers/Getty Images

Twitter suspended Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, for 12 hours Sunday, saying she has repeatedly run afoul of the company’s misinformation policy after making baseless claims on election fraud.

“The account referenced has been temporarily locked out for multiple violations of our civic integrity policy,” a Twitter spokesperson said.
Rep. Marjorie has been a supporter of Trump and even backed up his false claim regarding election fraud. She won the election in November on the race for Georgia’s 14th congressional district by supporting the baseless far-right Q Anon conspiracy theories, after her Democratic opponent had dropped out from the US house race.

On Sunday, she posted a clip from an interview with a local news outlet in which she condemned Georgia election officials and expressed support for debunked theories claiming that voting machines, absentee ballots, and other issues led to widespread fraud in the state during the presidential election.

Twitter responded to the tweet, and others, with a message that called the election fraud claim “disputed”, and saying it posed “a risk of violence”.

Twitter is actively banning all the accounts that spread false information, conspiracy theories, or any account that promotes violence, riots, and domestic terrorism.

Publish : 2021-01-18 13:53:00

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