Two Ministers died in Malawi due to COVID-19

Two ministers have died in Malawi due to the COVID 19. Government officials have confirmed that they died on Tuesday morning due to the coronavirus disease.

According to the officials, Public Service and Transportation Minister, Siddique Mia and Local Government Minister, Lingson Berekanyam died due to COVID. Both the ministers who died were confirmed to have coronavirus infection last week.

In the East African nation of Malawi, at least 50 people have died due to the pandemic in the month of January alone. The highest number of deaths was 12, last Saturday and 10, last Monday.

A total of 452 new infections were reported across the country in a single day on Monday, according to government officials. As of Monday, 235 people had died of corona in Malawi out of the total infections of 2,744 people.

Publish : 2021-01-13 10:28:00

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