Man murdered his friend after he laughed at his highest 'Temple Run' score

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A 23 year old man has been charged of murdering his friend after the friend repeatedly asked the suspect for his highest 'Temple Run' score and laughed at it when he finally revealed.

Temple Run is a running video game developed by Imangi Studios for mobile platforms.

"Both the guilty and the victim were 'wide-known' Temple Run rivals in their town", said Inspector Yoko Hashid. He added, "

As per witnesses, the victim repeatedly asked the murderer for his highest Temple Run score after a duel. The murderer must have had a very low score. After being so much annoyed, he broke his phone and stabbed the victim with the broken phone piece multiple times. People gathered and grabbed the murderer. Some took the victim to the nearby clinic but due to high blood loss, he lost his life."

Both the murderer and the victim have not been disclosed yet.

Publish : 2021-01-10 21:13:00

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