WHO Investigators probing the origin of Coronavirus denied entry in China


Picture Courtesy: PJMedia.Com
Picture Courtesy: PJMedia.Com

China, which promised full cooperation with the efforts of the World Health Organization to discover the source of the coronavirus, is refusing entry to the WHO team responsible for investigating the matter.

Soon after the new year, the 10-person WHO expert team was expected to be on the ground in China. But, according to WHO Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, "Chinese officials have not yet finalized the necessary permits for the arrival of the team in China." Or perhaps it is that their records have not been scrubbed.

Communist Bureaucracies don't even work this slow. 

China asserts utter innocence of any attempt to prolong the investigation or hinder it.

"To ensure that the international panel of experts coming to China will operate smoothly, it is important to comply with the necessary protocols and to make appropriate relevant arrangements. Both sides are still negotiating about this"' Hua said. Spoken like a real bureaucratic Communist flunkie.

China doesn't want us to look into the coronavirus's roots. I'm not really sure WHO is excited about the project. China would simply like the world to follow the official justification of propaganda and return to purchasing trillions of dollars of Chinese goods. If finding the origin of the virus might avoid another pandemic or teach us anything about coronaviruses, they don't care. They just want the problem to go down.

The WHO is probably not the right body to perform an "independent investigation" into the virus's origins, but it is what the world has to deal with at the moment. The mindset of China makes it more than possible that they will speak a lot about cooperation with the investigation, but since they will have plenty of WHO spies sending them updates on the progress of the team, they will shut it down if anyone tries to get close to an inconvenient reality.


Publish : 2021-01-06 21:58:00

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