Breaking: British Court rejects US request to extradite Assange

London High Court Rules not to extradite Julian Assange to the hands of United State

Crowd Celebrates in London after court rules not to extradite Julian Assange. Photo: Ruptly/YouTube

District Judge Vanessa Baraitser ruled on Monday that, WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange should not be extradited to United States to face charges, at the Old Bailey Court in London.

Judge clearly said that the ruling can't be done to extradite Julian Assange because of his Physical and Mental Conditions and it would be suicidal to put him in US Prison System.

The ruling is expected to be appealed by the the United States against the whistle blower of the war crimes. Julian Assange is attemted to prosecute by United state in espionage  charges. The case then might to the Supreme Court of UK which can further delay the final outcomes.

Supporters of freedom of speech and freedom of press across the globe are celebrating today as avictory of the cause, but how will the things move forward can't be just predicted. 

Julian Supporters say, it's a victory for Assange but not techically for Political rights and Freedom of Speech., "the fight is on."

For now, the 49 year old is expected to remain in the jail in UK which is still a concern because Assange's treatment on the prison hasn't been reported to be well. And being in jail might increase his physicl and mental problem. Assange was arrested in 2019 after 7 years of assylum the Ecuadorial Embassy.

US wants to prosecute Julian Assange for leaking 'classified information'. WikiLeaks has leaked several documents that proves US commiting warcrimes in Iraq and Afghanistan.

People from across the globe including a lot of those from the United States are advocating in favour of Julian Assange.

Publish : 2021-01-04 17:02:00

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