BREAKING: Russian Vogue model arrested for stabbing husband

After taking home another woman from a pub, a Russian Vogue model allegedly stabbed her husband through the heart in a jealous rage, according to sources.

After confessing to stabbing her husband of four years, Sergey Popov, 28, to death, Lilia Sudakova, 26, faces up to 15 years in prison on a manslaughter charge.

The model, which appeared on Russian Vogue's cover as well as magazines in Italy, China, and Japan, reportedly told investigators that her jealousy of her husband flirting in front of her with a mystery woman with whom he then came home, the agency said, sparked the fatal battle.

But the model's mother, Irena Sudakova, reported that her daughter behaved as a long-time survivor of domestic violence in self-defense, East2West said, citing interviews given to Russian media by the 48-year-old mom.

According to the study, Popov not only brought another woman home but demanded his wife cook for them then kicked her and grabbed her hair, the mom told Komsomolskaya Pravda newspaper.

"She waved him away at that moment and accidentally stuck a knife into him", the mom said, calling it an "impulse," and she wasn't aiming at him intentionally.

The mom told the Russian paper, "My daughter was shaking all over," saying her daughter initially thought it was "just a cut."

Her mom insisted, adding that her late son-in-law was an "alcoholic" and "arrogant snob" whom she saw beating her daughter. "Lilia is a victim, it was self-defense."

She said that the judicial system should take the fact that he beat her before, that he was despotic" into account.

Stylist Karolina Pavlovskaya also said Lilia, East2West said, had been a victim of violence.

Pavlovskaya said, "She was a broken-down girl with a stunning appearance, but emptiness inside."

Sudakova, charged with manslaughter, is held for two months in pretrial detention, the article said.

Publish : 2020-12-02 23:24:00

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