Diego Maradona's death might be possible manslaughter, Officials say

On Sunday, Argentine police searched the home of Diego Maradona's doctor as they investigated a potential case of involuntary manslaughter in the death of the soccer hero.

The blitz comes after Maradona's lawyer called for a thorough inquiry last week into the circumstances surrounding the death of the 60-year-old former soccer phenomenon, the Mirror announced Sunday, who died Wednesday after suffering a heart attack.

At about 8:40 a.m., investigators converged on the home of the doctor, Leopoldo Luque, 33, Sunday and are supposed to query him as they examine potential medical negligence in the death of Maradona, the outlet reported.

"As Luque was the personal physician of Maradona, the decision was taken to search his house and surgery (office) to look for documents that could determine whether there were any irregularities during Maradona's treatment at home," a law enforcement source told La Nacion of Argentina. Matias Moria, the soccer star's lawyer, posed concerns about his death on Thursday.

According to the Independent Online, "The ambulance took more than half an hour to arrive, which was criminal idiocy," he stated.

Maradona's daughters, Dalma, Giannina, and Jana, spoke to investigators on Saturday and also raised concerns about the alleged involvement of Luque in the death of their father, the Mirror reported.

After a funeral worker posted a selfie last week alongside the icon's body, Maradona's family was already incensed.

Claudio Fernandez, the funeral worker, was shot over the incident.

Maradona is considered one of the all-time greats of the sport, scoring 34 goals in 91 international appearances, including four World Cups.

Publish : 2020-11-30 09:13:00

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