75 days of chaos and denial: How Donald Trump can keep fighting his inevitable defeat until Joe Biden is sworn in – and even then how does he get removed from the White House?

Joe Biden seizing the lead in Pennsylvania and Georgia provides a strong indication of who will prevail in the Electoral College and ultimately be elected president – but little clarity about how the chaotic next 75 days will unfold.

That will be determined by a swirling mix of factors that include patchwork state and federal laws, the Constitution and its procedures, power-brokers in the Republicans Party angling for dominance, the courts – and a furious President Trump coping with rage and loss.

President Trump has made clear in public statements he has no intention of conceding and bowing to the vote counts in Pennsylvania that include mail-in ballots. (States Trump won also include mail-in ballots, which are being tabulated to this day).

Publish : 2020-11-07 09:59:00

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