Eric Andre says failed John Cena stunt left him hospitalized

Eric Andre revealed that he was left hospitalized by a stunt involving wrestler and actor John Cena.

After a four-year hiatus, the US comedy star, whose The Eric Andre Show returns to Adult Swim on Sunday (October 25), said the stunt for the new series was ill-prepared and left him with a concussion.

"John Cena did the right stunt, but we were preparing for the wrong stunt," Andre told Jimmy Kimmel Live yesterday (22 October). "That shelf of metal came over and clocked me in the head, and I had a concussion."

Andre added: "I immediately went to the hospital. I had Fred Flintstone on the side of my head, like Bugs Bunny."

During the interview, Kimmel joked that Andre was fortunate to have shaved his head for season five, as this prevented the injury from hiding in his afro.

Meanwhile, Judy Greer, Blake Griffin, Luis Guzman, Omarion, Adam Rippon, Dermot Mulroney, Tia Carrere, Robin Givens, and Jai Rodriguez are the guests scheduled to appear on the new The Eric Andre Show season.

Andre recently spoke to NME about his shock comedy, Donald Trump, and his mum's smoking weed.

The comedian, a vocal supporter of Democrat Bernie Sanders, who fell out of the US presidential race in April, addressed his concerns about the re-election of President Trump next month.

He admitted, however, that voters "just have to push Old Man Biden through the White House door" because "we can't have four more years of Trump," explaining that he doesn't support Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden ("Absolutely not!").

Of Trump's presidency, he added, "If this is the halfway point at the end of eight years, it's going to be a catastrophe."



Publish : 2020-10-23 21:06:00
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