Actor Bruce Willis seen in a teaser of what appears to be the sixth 'Die Hard' movie

Late Saturday night, Bruce Willis was focused on Twitter when his daughter shared a teaser of his next Die Hard film.

Rumer Willis, 32, shared a short clip with a microblogging platform that adds only a few eyeballs and the '#DieHardisBack' hashtag cryptically.

In his 15-second clip, the 65-year-old Hollywood screen star Bruce is seen as John McClane, walking down a slightly illustrious road before turning towards a group of men.

The teaser finishes off with the words with someone whistling a tune such as a soundtrack: 'As one story ends, a new one starts.'

While no details on what is going to come out on Sunday were shared, fans went on to Twitter to speculate it might be a new Die Hard film.

In 2018, the sixth hard film, which is known as McClane, was revealed to have the title Die Hard: Year One.

The film was designed to be followed in his 20s by a 60-year-old McClane and a younger person.

It came from the 1988 film Die Hard, the 1990's Die Hard 2, The Hard With a Vengeance from 1995, Live Free from 2007 or Die Hard from 2013, and A Good Day from Die Hard.

When producer Lorenzo di Bonaventura addressed the magazine Empire regarding the meaning of the title, he said: 'You could say to us by saying that the title page we handed over reads, McClane.

'We're more interested than ever in investing in John McClane. Without Bruce, I don't realize how you do Die Hard.

'The idea that this film isn't very meaningful is absolutely wrong. In his 20s we will discover John McClane. But the 60-year-old version is just as prominent.

At the time, Director Len Wiseman stressed that it is "important" to get the right person to work and explained, "This is the proper casting for this role. They have some very large shoes to fill these bare feet.

In the last movie, McClane had to complete a task, together with his son Jack (Jai Courtney), which brought them to the heart of a Russian organized crime gang.

While Willis is always happy to step into McClane's shoes, he admits that every entry in the franchise attempts to match the first movie's excellence.

He said, 'I am very happy to be asked again to make other versions and other Die Hard incarnations.

'Truly, the first is [the best] ... This is everything there is. This is everything. All else only tries to be as good as that movie.



Publish : 2020-10-18 20:18:00
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