Matthew McConaughey receives backlash for revealing the circumstances of his father's death

After revealing the details of his father, James' death, Matthew McConaughey received a backlash.

The Oscar actor, 50 years old, claimed that his dad died in 1992, died while his mother Mary was loving.

In his memoirs, called Greenlights, Matthew wrote of the death of his father that will be published on Tuesday 20 October.

The actor described the moment his mother Mary called him to break the devastating news, as he wrote, in his snippet of the book released by People Magazine: "I have received a phone call from my mother. My knees hit. 'Your dad died.' I can't believe it. I can't believe it.

"He's been my father. No one could kill him or nothing. With the exception of my mother.

Matthew revealed that in such circumstances his father predicted he would die.

"He always said to me and my brothers, 'Children, when I go, I will be your mother's makin' love.'

"What happened, that's what. When he peaked, he had a heart attack.

The parents of Matthew had a relationship between themselves as they divorced twice and married during the romance three times.

Despite the story told in the article, on the Howard Stern Show, the Wolf of Wall Street actor's revelation took a backlash on social media.

One critique said: "Isn't that unbelievably private? I had no reason to know. I had no reason to know this. Does the sorrowful son do that? Put the intimacy of his mother into the news? What a classless loser.

Another questioner asked: "Did his mother allow him to share that with the public?" Another user from Twitter wrote: "A little TMI [Too Much Information]."

"What a*s", while he wrote: something terrible to share. Matthew also talked about its memoirs and during the writing phase, he thought about the process.

Publish : 2020-10-18 20:08:00

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