Sam Smith 'hit hard' by depression and anxiety

Sam Smith said that mental health problems "hit hard" and believes that they suffered from the post-traumatic stress disorder.

The singer said, "I was always sad, but for the first time I had real mental health problems such as panic attacks, fear, and depression when he spoke to Zane Lowe for the Apple Music.

"It hit me hard, it hit me. Probably from before I think it was PTSD.

Smith, 28, who uses pronouns, added "not helped but it was a hard time, really tough." The end of the relationship. It was very difficult.

"Six, seven years have been required for me to work out what I need to do all right.

"I'm also nervous about the next tour, but I believe the energy on the next tour will be different."

On October 30th, Smith will release its new album Love Goes.

Originally, it was named To Die For, but Smith renamed it since the title "felt wrong" in the middle of a global pandemic.

Also, Smith said to Apple Music, "The album was secure, but I'm not ashamed, because all I wanted to feel was safe, at a time of such insecurity in my life.

"It's honest to me, therefore. I would probably have done damage to my health during that second album because I was not in the right space.

Publish : 2020-10-18 20:02:00
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