12 dead, more than dozen injured in a car bomb explosion targeted to Afghan police

The officers said that a car bomb in the west of the Province of Ghor targeting an Afghan police headquarters kills at least 12 civilians on Sunday and wounds more than 100 people.

The attack was carried out in Feros Koh, capital of the province of Ghor, which has not experienced a great deal of violence in comparison with some other areas of the conflict.

The Interior Ministry said at approximately 11 am that the car bomb was detonating at the Ghor Police Headquarters.

"There were terrorists who exploded in a vehicle filled with explosives, so 12 civilians were killed and over 100 injured," said the Ministry of the Interior.

AFP victims also included security forces officers, Juma Gul Jakoobi, a Ghor medical officer, said.

No group assumes responsibility, but over recent weeks there have been battles between the Taliban and the government.

Aref Abir, Governor Aref Speaker of Ghor, said, "The explosion was very powerful.

He said that the explosion had damaged nearby buildings to handle matters for women and the disabled. "There were deaths and casualties, and they were carried to hospitals."

Peace talks started in Qatar last month between the Taliban and the Afghan government, but the violence on the ground has continued.

Discussions seem to have been stalled as the Taliban and the Kabul administration have struggled to build a key negotiations framework.


Publish : 2020-10-18 16:03:00

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