Trump imposes new restrictions on H-1B visas to protect US workers


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The Trump administration has announced new restrictions on the H-1B non-immigrant visas program to protect the American workers, ahead of the US election on November 03.

The White House said that Trump is committed to making sure American workers are not disadvantaged by foreign labor.

"President Trump knows that H-1B visas should only be reserved for specialized talent that helps support a strong economy. For too long, this program has been misused as an inexpensive labor program, replacing American jobs in the process," it said.

The interim final rule announced by the Department of Homeland Security on Tuesday, less than four weeks ahead of the US presidential election, will narrow the definition of specialty occupation as Congress intended by closing the overbroad definition that allowed companies to game the system.

It will also require companies to make real offers to real employees, by closing loopholes and preventing the displacement of the American workers. And finally, the new rules would enhance the department’s ability to enforce compliance through worksite inspections and monitor compliance before, during, and after an H1-B petition is approved.

The H-1B visa allows US companies to employ foreign workers with specialized technical expertise with several thousand empoloyed by US companies from India.

"To aid our nation's recovery from the coronavirus pandemic, the President placed a temporary pause on multiple categories of aliens from coming into the country for work. The Trump administration issued regulations that will, once in effect, remove the incentive to apply for asylum for the purpose of obtaining authorization to work in the United States," the White House stated.

Publish : 2020-10-07 17:23:37

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