Anti-coal environmentalists stage protests around western mine in Germany

Photo: David Young/AP

Hundreds of environmentalists marched to the western mine in Germany on Saturday to protest in and around the mine.

The protest was against coal mining that has been going on in Germany for years now. The agenda of the protest was to raise voice against the new orders allowing mining and burning of coal in the country until 2038.

These anti-coal protestors are urging to roll back the decision as to the deadline of 2038, according to them, will be too late to save or reverse the damage caused.

The protestors also raised slogans against the planning of the destruction of several villages to make way for the expansion of the Garzweiler strip mine, west of Cologne.

Environmentalists carried out these protests in the area, despite the heavy rainfall. Some of the protestors were also detained by the local police. Utility company RWE reported that some protesters had also entered coal storage facilities.

The protest was attended by nearly 3,000 environmentalists who staged different strips of protest across the open-cast mine.

Meanwhile, on Saturday, German Chancellor Angela Merkel issued a video message urging the Germans to pay more attention to stopping global warming through Germany's combined efforts.

Source: WION

Publish : 2020-09-27 15:14:03

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