Jerry Harris from ‘Cheer’ charged with producing child pornography

Celebrity cheerleader Jerry Harris has been arrested by the FBI and charged with producing child pornography for "allegedly enticing an underage boy to produce sexually explicit videos and photos of himself," according to the U.S. attorney's office

Harris admitted to soliciting and receiving explicit messages on Snapchat from at least 10 to 15 other individuals he knew were minors, according to federal court records.

Harris, who experienced a meteoric rise to fame this year when he was featured in Netflix’s “Cheer” docuseries, has been under investigation by the FBI for soliciting photos and sex from minors, multiple sources told USA TODAY.  

USA TODAY reported Monday that the criminal investigation is based on allegations brought by 14-year-old twin brothers. In interviews with USA TODAY, the boys described a pattern of harassment, both online and at cheer competitions, that started when they were 13 and Harris was 19. They said it continued for more than a year. 

Publish : 2020-09-18 00:35:03