Trump claims receiving 'Bay of Pigs Award', which doesn't exist


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US President Donald Trump has claimed he was awarded the 'Bay of Pigs', an award that doesn't exist. Instead, it's an endorsement from veterans.

Trump on Sunday claimed "a little while ago" he "received the Bay of Pigs award from the Cuban Americans in Miami", calling it a "big honor" which is not awarded easily. 

The Bay of Pigs invasion, in April 1961, saw a CIA-sponsored force of Cuban exiles attempt to overthrow Fidel Castro and his communist regime. The failure of the mission continues to haunt US-Cuban relations, even after Barack Obama sought to bring the nations closer together.

Trump, whose company reportedly broke the Cuba trade embargo in 1998, has sought to reverse Obama’s policies.

In his tweet on Sunday, he may have misremembered previous visits to a house in Little Havana, in Miami, which houses a Bay of Pigs Museum and library and where survivors of Brigade 2506, the unit which carried out the invasion, gather to talk and remember.

However, on the internet, there is no evidence of any existence of an award like this. 

Meanwhile, the US president to gather support from the western states for the November 3 election will hold campaign events in Nevada, Arizona, and the wildfires-hit California.

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Publish : 2020-09-14 12:50:52

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