Rescuers lift 209 migrants to safety from Banksy's rescue boat after crew put out mayday alerts saying it was stuck in the Mediterranean due to overcrowding and could have capsized

AFP via Getty Images

Hundreds of migrants were lifted to safety from a rescue boat funded by street artist Banksy after it became so overcrowded that it was in danger of capsizing in the Mediterranean.

Some 209 migrants were transferred from the MV Louise Michel on to another rescue boat, after its crew put out a series of mayday alerts saying the vessel could not move due to an overcrowded deck.

Earlier on Saturday, Italian coastguards had reached the Louise Michel – stranded in waters between Malta and the island of Lampedusa – but were only able to rescue 49 of the most vulnerable passenger, including 13 children.

But late last night, a fellow rescue boat Sea Watch 4 arrived to help 'all remaining guests' off the Louise Michel, according to a tweet put out by the latter's crew.

Publish : 2020-08-30 13:49:04

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