Melania Trump's expression at Republican National Convention towards Ivanka is going viral on the internet


Photo: AFP

The United States First Lady Melania Trump’s "disdainful" expression towards her stepdaughter Ivanka Trump at  Republican National Convention on Thursday is going viral on the internet.

After the speech, Ivanka was walking back when she was greeted by Melania Trump with a winning smile but the smile on the Melania's face, however, soon turned into an eye roll in a moment that is breaking the Internet.

The video is going huge viral further fueling rumours that all is not well between the First Lady and the First Daughter.

While Trump gives his speech, Melania and her son Barron are sitting on one side of the stage while all of Donald‘s other children are on the other side of the stage.

Among Donald Trump's five children, Ivanka was the only one invited to address the final night of the Republican National Convention, interpreted as a sign of the president's closeness to her.

Ivanka who may harbour White House ambitions of her own, has remained her president father's loyal senior advisor, seeking to humanisee him Thursday as she introduced the "warrior" standing for re-election in November.

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Publish : 2020-08-28 13:47:55

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