Japan's Prime MInister Shinzo Abe to resign due to health condition

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Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe is set to resign over health problems. Abe is set to step down as prime minister as his health deteriorates.

According to Japan’s public broadcaster NHK, addressing the nation on Friday afternoon is preparing to announce his resignation which will hold a press conference at 5 p.m.

Abe is 65 years old, he has suffered from an intestinal  disease called ulcerative colitis for many years but his condition has been deteriorating lately.

On August 14, he underwent an examination at Keio University Hospital in Tokyo. In the last  week , he has undergone several health test and made two visits to hospital.
He spent almost eight hours at hospital on August 17.
 Abe's health is expected to have worsened recently which forced to resign due to ongoing worsening helath, hoping the government will avoid causing problems with his health.
.Abe had resigned in 2007, the year he was appointed prime minister due to health reasons. Abe has long suffered from ulcerative colitis.
Last Monday, he became Japan's longest-serving prime minister.




Publish : 2020-08-28 13:22:25

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