Nepal: DishHome is about to conduct a new music show 'The Strings,' reviving the retro songs

DishHome, HD digital TV in Nepal is going to conduct the new musical show titled "The Strings" very soon.

The announced was made by DishHome on June 1, on Monday while the official date and time of the show have not been fixed yet.

‘The Strings’ has been supposed to bringing back the essence of retro vibe in the present time and also recalling the evolution of music.

Retro Song is an old and melodious song that captures an era from youth or a pivotal time from people's life. Retro Songs can make relive a moment, a day, an evening, a summer, or even a lifetime. The long journey of the music from the invention of the first music in Africa to today’s music, they all vary between regions and eras while the emotions and ideas that music expresses, the events in which music is played and listened to, and the outlooks toward music players and composers are still the same.

Even though the taste in music has changed, people still prefer listening to old music as they have always had a simple message and really catchy.

According to DishHome, “the retro songs played by the singers in the show will make people recall beautiful, old, good times, stay tuned to enjoy the nostalgia.”

Publish : 2020-06-08 21:39:27

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