Seven Israelis injured in car-ramming and stabbing attack in Tel Aviv

A view of scene after a vehicle hits pedestrians and the driver was shot dead by an armed person in Tel Aviv, Israel on 4 July 2023. (Photo: Getty Images)

At least seven Israelis are said to have been hurt in a Tuesday stabbing and car-ramming attack in Tel Aviv.

The incident is reportedly "under review" by the Israeli police, but a video making the rounds on social media purports to show the attacker being shot and killed there.

According to reports, three of the injured are in critical condition. Although the attack's motivation is yet unknown, it has been referred to as a "terror attack" by the Israeli media. 

The incident has been hailed as "heroic" by the Islamic organization Hamas.

Their spokesperson told the media, "The heroic attack in Tel Aviv is the first response to the occupation's crimes against our people in Jenin." 

According to an initial assessment by the Israeli police, the culprit lived in the occupied West Bank and committed the crime alone. 

Tuesday saw the start of day two of Israel's assault on the Jenin refugee camp, during which time ten Palestinians had been killed by Israeli forces.  

Publish : 2023-07-04 19:03:00

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