Police charge a 25-year-old man with the murder of British MP David Amess

British MP David Amess was stabbed to death during a meeting outside of the Houses of Parliament in London. (Reuters)

The Crown Prosecution Service and police said on Thursday that a 25-year-old man was charged with murder in the stabbing death of British MP David Amess last week.

Ali Harbi Ali, who was arrested last Friday at the crime scene in Leigh-on-Sea, east of London, faces a further accusation of terrorism preparation.

Later on Thursday, he was scheduled to appear before magistrates in central London.

Amess, a 69-year-old father of five, was assassinated in a church hall while meeting constituents, the second such killing of a British MP in the last five years.

The loss of the veteran Conservative MP prompted an outpouring of condolences from his colleagues in the House of Commons, as well as requests for improved security for elected officials.

In the heated run-up to the Brexit referendum in June 2016, Labour MP Jo Cox was slain while meeting constituents.

According to Nick Price, head of the CPS particular crime and counter-terrorism team, lawyers will argue that Amess' murder "had a terrorist nexus, notably that it had both religious and ideological reasons," according to Nick Price, head of the CPS particular crime and counter-terrorism team. "

"He (Ali) has also been accused of planning terrorist activities," says the statement. 

"This comes after a review of the material acquired by the Metropolitan Police in the course of its investigation." 

According to Matt Jukes, the investigation into the matter is still ongoing, assistant commissioner for specialized operations at the Metropolitan Police Department.

"The background, history, and motivation of the individual currently charged have sparked a lot of discussion in the media." "In a statement, he added.

"I recognize the intense public interest in this case."

"However, now that a charge has been filed, it is critical that everyone exhibit restraint while making public comments about it in order to avoid jeopardizing future court proceedings."

Publish : 2021-10-21 19:28:00

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