Pictures of British Health Secretary kissing aide leaks, government to probe

Picture Courtesy: © Getty Images
Picture Courtesy: © Getty Images

The United Kingdom government plans to initiate a study into how photographs of a top British official kissing an assistant violating the COVID-19 norms of the nation and led to the resignation of the official.

British Health Secretary Matt Hancock excused the government office on Friday after a photo of him surfaced, kissing an assistant.

On the next day, following heavy criticism, he reported his resignation in a video uploaded on Twitter, "I know the huge sacrifices you all have made in that country, and those of us who make these regulations must stick with them and that is why I have to give up."

The Northern Ireland Minister has now indicated that the UK government will examine the leakage of images taken by the top official of the UK.

Minister Brandon Lewis from Northern Ireland said the Ministry will "exactly" examine how the situation happened.

"I know the health department is looking into how exactly the recording is getting out of the system," Lewis said to Reuters, Sky News.

He then told Time Radio that the administration has to look into 2 different areas: if the camera was "properly" in the office of Hancock and if it was in place for security purposes along with, according to Reuters, "how that film went into the public sphere."

In his apologies, Hancock recognized the ramifications of the stolen images in COVID-19, which said in a statement "I agree that under such circumstances I have violated the guidelines for isolating people from society."

Publish : 2021-06-27 20:33:00

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