Baguettes are being used by French feminists to raise awareness about domestic violence.

Thomas Samson/AFP via Getty Images, FILE

A feminist organization in France is utilizing the popular French bread to combat domestic violence. According to the initiative's founder, the "NousToutes" ("MeToo") collective is leading an awareness campaign dubbed "Baguettes against domestic abuse," which has already touched 1,000 bakeries across France.

The bags in which the loaves are packaged include information on hotlines to call as well as educational messaging on how to spot domestic abuse.

According to the French government, 225,000 women in France are victims of physical or sexual violence each year.

According to Françoise Brié, director of the National Federation of Women's Solidarity, sexual violence hotlines had a 70% increase in calls in 2020 alone.

The decision to use a bread bag as a communication medium was not made lightly. According to France's Bread Observatory, the French consume 10 billion baguettes each year. Bakeries may be among the most accessible sites in the country for vulnerable women, as even the most isolated among them leave the house to get their daily bread.

Publish : 2021-05-31 20:29:00

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