Israel-Gaza Conflict

Israel-Gaza: A Closer Overview - What Biden and Pelosi say?


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Amid region's worsening dispute, American president Joe Biden and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi seem to share mutual thoughts regarding the topic.

Israeli security forces clashed with Palestinian worshippers and protesters at Jerusalem's Al-Aqsa mosque last weekend, prompting outrage from influential democratic Democrats. Palestinians protested against an effort to expel many Palestinian families from their homes in East Jerusalem's Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood.

The dispute, according to Israeli authorities, is a private real estate dispute between Jewish and Palestinian property owners that is being settled in Israeli courts. The predicted evictions are seen by Palestinians and their supporters as part of a larger Israeli plan to expel Palestinians and make room for Israeli settlers.

Following the initial escalation of tensions around Al-Aqsa, Palestinian militant groups Hamas and Islamic Jihad started firing hundreds of rockets at Israeli targets. After that, Israel started attacking Palestinian targets in the Gaza Strip and amassed a land force along the Palestinian territory's border.

"My expectation and hope is that this will be closed down sooner rather than later," Biden said on Wednesday at the White House. "If you have thousands of rockets coming into your territory, Israel has a right to defend itself."

Pelosi issued a similar statement on Tuesday. "I condemn the escalating and indiscriminate rocket attacks by Hamas against Israel. Israel has the right to defend herself against this assault, which is designed to sow terror and undermine prospects for peace," the Democratic House speaker said.

"Every civilian death is a tragedy for which we express our condolences. Hamas' escalating violence further increases the likelihood of more people, including innocent Palestinians, being killed "Pelosi went on to say that Hamas was to blame for Palestinian deaths caused by Israeli military strikes.


Publish : 2021-05-15 12:19:00

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